Who is bill maher dating now

But he's so into his new young girlfriend, Cara Santa Maria, that he's telling friends he may break his own rule, according to a source.

Cara, who got her masters in neurobiology at 22, seems a departure for 53-year-old Bill Maher, whose taste has run toward mocha beauties like centerfold Nancy “Coco” Johnson and “video vixen” Karrine Steffans.

- Paris Hilton's ex, Benji Madden, swapped numbers with singer Monica at the Humanitarian Noble Awards.

Benji joked to brother Joel and his girlfriend Nicole Ritchie: "Since I am the dumb brother, I may go broke, So, Nicole, I am coming to live in the guest house" …

" - Anna Wintour isn't letting those Conde Nast layoffs stifle her party-giving.

She hosted a dinner at Le Caprice for acolytes like Eva Mendes, Aerin Lauder, Marina Rush....

- Arnold Schwarzenneger may be California's governor but Andy Garcia just took office as the president of the Republic of Georgia.

The "Untouchables" star is in the former Soviet state playing President Mikheil Saakashvili in director Renny Harlin's movie about the country's 2008 face-off with Russia.

Bill confirms to us that he and Cara are serious but cautions, “Neither one of us believes in God or marriage, so I guess a big church wedding is out.” - Sean and Robin Wright Penn may have made up again, some friends believe.- Decorator Mario Buatta celebrated his 74th birthday last week with extra gusto.Recently, the Prince of Chintz, not feeling well, came home, turned on Letterman, and listened to Dave and Kelsey Grammer talking about their heart attacks.(Let's see if Geraldo Rivera stops identifying Kerik as "America's Top Cop.") One former Kerik colleague recalls, "When Bernie was growing up, he had a teacher who told him he was destined for jail.Years later, when Bernie became warden of the Passaic County Jail, he saw the teacher in a cell, vomiting in a corner. He'd tell that story over and over." But maybe not so much anymore.

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