Who is diane sawyer dating

According to Page Six, on March, 2016, Diane, 70, was seen having a cozy dinner with her former beau senator Bill Bradley, whom they met since college.

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Diane, a former family to Good Morning America, was accompanied by her step son Max to Utitarian Church for all Souls at New York City.

It was not only her husband she lost, but the 2007 Robert F.

Kennedy Award winner also had to bid farewell to his mother who was 94 years, just a month before Mike Nichols death.

Bradely, 73, a former professional NBA player, took the courtesy to pay the bill.

Diane, who is a widow, dated Bradley back in their college days. Both the parties denied any comments on this matter - Guess this would remain a mystery as to if there is something romantic in between these two!

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