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I loved the place and it was the most difficult decision almost purely based on the people, your best friends who work there – like Nick Pickard [Tony Hutchinson], Jimmy Mc Kenna [Jack Osborne] and Carly Stenson [Steph Dean] – they're my family. He's done a lot for me and I've learned so much, especially since he's been there.They're people that before I even made my decision to leave, I went to and spoke to them about it. He's left the door completely open for me at the moment and I really appreciate that.That was fine for me but I wanted to prove my worth."Have you had many offers since leaving Hollyoaks?"In terms of offers, you just wait for your agent to phone you to say 'go up for this audition'.It's purely based on confusion within himself, not necessarily the social acceptance – that's not an issue until he comes out – it's the sexual confusion within himself which leads to the audience being confused as well."The thing that I wanted more than anything was to convey confusion – if Craig could go and sleep with John Paul and afterwards the audience can say 'hold on a minute – maybe he's not gay'…If I've provoked that question, then I've reached the goal I wanted to reach.I haven't done much relaxing, I've just been partying.

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He didn't think about any of it."He was going to Ireland with Sarah then he was going with John Paul.I've been for a couple of auditions for a couple of new BBC pilot shows which have had great scripts but I haven't heard anything back as yet.There's something called 'Mrs Inbetweeny' that I went up for which is a fantastic script – it really will be a popular show. There are a few BBC Three shows which I'd love to be involved in as well."I go to these auditions and I try my best.“I am so happy to be making my first dating series with Fox,” Burnett said.“It’s a genre that attracts a wide audience and our series gives a very fresh perspective that mirrors real life.” That’s all the available information for now.

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