Whos dating nelly

She has since revealed that she was beaten by the ex-boxer on six different occasions, with the worst of it coming in 2010, when he entered her home, dragged her by her hair, kicked and punched her in front of her children. Floyd and Josie are now completely estranged, but he does make arrangements to spend time with his kids, flying via private jet when necessary. The model had just broken up with former fiancé Lil’ Scrappy and began seeing Mayweather, but refused to move along as he wanted until he committed to her.He is said to have flown to see her in Atlanta on two occasions, also showering her with expensive gifts. Whatever it was didn’t go down well with Lil’ Scrappy, who tweeted his regret for ever getting involved with Erica after hearing she was dating the former athlete.She’s really quite a beauty, so it would be pretty strange if Floyd was the only one attracted.The ex-fighter showered lavish gifts on the now reality TV star, as is quotidian of him, but that wasn’t enough to keep her at his side.That was around the time that the rapper was forced to go to rehab to overcome a marijuana addiction, so you could well imagine how hard he must have been hit.Shantel Jackson is now dating Nelly – a downgrade, according to Mayweather – as she used to be with him prior to getting hot in here with the rapper.Doralie had been reaping the benefits of being with a man called ‘Money’, having moved to his million mansion in Las Vegas.

Shantel revealed that she was also abused by the millionaire, who threatened to expose her nude photos and videos, among other things.

She also revealed a hilarious marriage proposal made by Mayweather, promising her parts in movies and what not, as long as she changed her attitude.

"This is what I offer to you,” said the former fighter, according to his ex-fiancee.

The aspiring singer worked at a clothing store where she made an hour prior to hooking up with Mayweather.

She lived with her mother Mandy and five siblings, but is now touring the world with the Money man, going to NBA games and sitting courtside next to Jay-Z and Beyonce.

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