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“If that’s who she decides to move on with, it is what it is.” He admitted Nicki hurt him when she sided with Twitter comedian, Lil Duval, who called Safaree a “corny” rapper.

“When you try to pull me down and discredit what I’ve done for you, that’s what’s weak to me.” he said.

Your wishes came true, literally, because Park Si Hoo's comeback in k-ent is now sure thing. You are a great artist and your roles are memorable and you are a good and special person. We are very sure that the strom will pass together with the time. We are poor people like you but our love is stronger than anithing else, because love itself is the most powerful thing in this crazy world. With all the love in the world fans from Israel omo! Si Hoo, Right now, stay close to those you trust and love you. Eat well and know that God is carrying you gently in His hands through this ordeal. You are loved so very, very much by so many people. I will take exam for Korea so i can work there and i want to see you even from a distance. His skills is better than Park Ming Ho and a host of others.... Keep up the good work and i look forward to more dramas. I'm impressed to see the development on his acting.

the best and the most handsome man to see in Joseon time I read such beautiful comments here and all of you express your wishes to see Park Si Hoo back in k-drama. See all of your fans around the world very believe in you. We your international fans, never leave you no matter what. We send you a big hug stay strong we believe in you and love you and hope to see you soon on the screen. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment that you bring to us. My Dream Man,.i hope to see you for new project, God Bless. he's very handsome and has a very attractive smile, however, i paid attention to his skills and wondered why he's not acting in more dramas. from Atlanta, GA (United States) i've watched his dramas The Perfect Neighbor, Iljimae, Prosecutor Princess, and The Princess' Man.

In part 2 of the finale of Frasier, Eddie is taken to the vet by the family during Martin and Ronee's wedding rehersals, Niles and Daphne have very good news.

Martin prepares to move out of appartment 1901 and Frasier decides on the offer put to him by his agent." Daphne and Roz are sending back the wedding presents (despite the efforts of Simon to keep them for himself) when there's a knock on the door. On behalf of Donny, he's brought flowers for Daphne - and a lawsuit.

He is my favorite man and will be my favorite Korean actor all of time. Definitely need more of Park Shi-Hoo to give dramas real mature acting. In, "The Pricess Man I loved his bravery and good character. Not because you are an amazing actor..because you are this or that...because you are a person who has shown pieces of his soul and heart to us. @sally...because someone doesn't remember what they did the night before, while they were drunk (or "saying" they don't remember) doesn't always mean they "passed out". A person is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. And I just have two words left to say "aspiring" "actress." You are the most heartfelt actor I have ever watched. how come, korean media isn't doing well, the both side must reveal there names (not only the name of PSH), agrrrrhh.. In life, there are always challenges and adversity. But then, on Prosecutor Princess and The Princess' Man, he can cry a lot. I like it that he always spend time with his fans and watch the last episode of his dramas together with them. Thanks of all ( Tema) Hello,dear Park Shi Hoo, We( I & all Family & my friends) love too much Park Shi hoo and Moon Chae Won together in this drama TPM !!! We love you only Park Si Hoo,because his very very attractive man,handsome,very ability to all rol, and the best star actor in Korean.

You should be in a romantic comedy with Gong Hyo Jin! He will be the lead actor in upcoming OCN drama titled "Neighborhood's Hero" (more at Congratulations Park Si Hoo and welcome back where you belong as great actor and Hallyu Star. How does a young man convince a viewer that he is hopelessly in love with an older woman who is a divorcee, not a beauty (actually homely looking) with a five year old child --- he does and with such good acting that you forget the underlying flawed premise. Didn't realize he was the actor in Princess Man - one of my favorites as well. Your international fans love you, have respect for you always and forever! We are still very enthusiast to wait you newest Drama in 2013. Fighting Si Hoo GBU I saw Him In, "The Princess Man", and now watching, Cheongdomdong Alice, I so am loving his acting... Please, feel loved..way, I hope that you would feel blessed too, despite all odds. , either the accusation is true or not, I still Love park shi hoo, lets just PRAY and support him, sighhh.. Looking forward to seeing you receive many awards for "Cheondamdong Alice" with a standing ovation. There are no words to describe what youre going trough now. Seeing you on my wall screen makes me scream, sayin' i love you oppa, saranghaeyo and gumawoyo for being there. On his drama The Perfect Neighbor, i noticed that he is quite stiff and he has a difficulty in shedding tears. He might have a smaller fanbase compared to actors like Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki, etc, yet his fans are solid and very loyal to him. Really this drama is super Nr.1 I hope that they visit USA.

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Then a ginormous ‘High Five’ to Min Bhujang, that episode was definitely her moment of triumph… ☺ Comment 1: As DK you need to be a stand-up guy, man up and be a worthy and confident lover/partner to dynamic JA! Watching you perform such moving dramas is really addicting and inspiring! i'm so pissed off By ridiculous accusations about him by evil,jealous, digusting people! love From Canada my sweetheart PSH...i miss you somuch! His ability to show his vulnerability makes me feel so touched. Why is it so easy to scandalize and gang up on a person based on rumors that causes him or her to lose their lively hood and possibly fall into bankruptcy? The day I will able to see you in my naked eye...waiting..love from Sri Lanka.... u know we all love u and support u no matter what lies they make about u so be strong. he is one of the great actors i've seen in my life! Continue to follow your dreams, and no matter what happens, just keep moving on. Just remember in the business that you enter if you are known some people will get jealous and that's how life goes so all you have to do is keep on fighting and be sincere in what you are doing and everything will always come in place. Just if you are not Guilty there is no need to be worry about other people opinion. You are a great actor and we miss your brilliant acting! Just recently became a fan of PSH great acting and on-screen sexiness; seen his works in Prosecutor Princess and Cheongdamdong Alice. A really good & innovative actor, he portrays very well the characters he plays from man of vengeance to crazy/wacko, eccentric and seriously funny man! First, Il-Jimae even though he wasn' the lead there, then Prosecutor Princess, Cheondamdong Alice and maybe not revenge but still has a dark theme in it (Confessions of Murder). He said he wanted to do a totally evil character one time in an interview so hey, he got what he wanted. Just look at the reviews on The Princesss Man and you'll know. I could cry just by looking at PSH's eyes and faint listening to his deep manly voice. OH, dear PSH, You are a our Popular in Asia, Europa and America.

I wish him cast still many good dramas, on which already looking I forward to. He is a good actor, has good personality but should not show his emotional side. being the leads of the drama it will be interesting if you ve kissed yuri. I like the episodes when he acted cool in dark warrior suit with long hair and didn't smile at all. FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (Kahina Soledad from Algeria) Hope Si Hoo able to read all what we have wrote down here... Now is the hardest time in your life and we feel that we love you more and more, we want to comfort you if we can. In my country are said: There are much hope in despair. Park Si-Hoo All your fans in Israel believe you are 100% innocent. At first I didn't like some of Korean novellas but when I have watch The Princess's Man I just loved it! Many roumanians are waiting for "Confession of murder". You are so adorable and funny in Cheongdamdong Alice. Lo L, your character in cheongdamdong Alice really" makes me crazy. :) i put you on my phone for wall paper,i wish to see you every time and everywhere , so i did.

But why you TILT too much lol :)) please reduce your TILT and it'll make your acting look perfect. I discovered him at the beginning of this year and I had the thunderbolt to this actor this as I had never happened to have. Nevertheless, I nevertheless believe that everything returns so to take advantage of his great talent. Though the drama has not concluded but the role of Park Si-Hoo is too sentimental. you're awesome and i can't wait to see you on your upcoming show. One in my bucket list is to see you personally during your show/ shooting on my future visit to Korea. I'm happy that you're finally back and to my amazement, you even got paired up w/ my 1st fave Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye!!! I've watched you in The Princess' Man and well hell, you left an impression to die for. Sihoo great actor I'm big fan from Turkey .longer come out this after love movie I cant wait I hope this movie and drama for him be good ^^fighting Park Si Hoo acting in Princess Man really awesomely great. I'm fond of Kpop too so God bless for all your hard work . Media, international and Korean can not destroy our love for you, haters can not destroy our love for you. All the negative comment can not destroy our love for you. Whether guilty or innocent, we will always love and support you.(For artists, especially popular artists there are such rumors and conspiracies in all over the world.) We are waiting for your new movies and serials. I'm a big fan of yours from the Philippines, I really love your show w/ Moon Chae Won. you're my favourite ^_^ Stay healthy and make our life more beautiful in the future. You have constantly committed SLANDER against a "precious" actor who has done you no harm. I love the total commitment and honesty you bring to the parts you play. I hope the script writers won't makes the drama into sad or open ending.

That wasn’t just somebody I was working with,” Safaree said of his high school sweetheart.

The group thing didn’t work out for them and Nicki branched out on her own, with Safaree going along for the ride. It got to the point where I was being treated like an employee instead of, like, her man,” he groused.

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