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If you're not using IE7, then set the same settings in IE6 to "Medium". Grif Yeah, have experience such thing with my 2 computers.Since u've 3 computers there is not quite possibility that all got the same problem within, so, it's more likely to be a conectivity issue.Simply take the Ethernet cable that goes from your modem to your router and plug it directly into the PC which is closest.You'll have to free up the jack on your PC of course by unplugging the cable that is currently going from your router to PC.

I was able to get to the site in question by installing the air-card into the computer but with the router I couldn't get to two different sites.Since all three computers are affected and I assume they are all connected to the same modem and router, I think your problem lies with one of them.Something simple you can try is to power down both your modem and router for one minute.I have had One other person have the same problem on my forum site but the tech hasn't been able to get them on-line yet!! One thing that seems to help is the setting in Firefox or IE7, and thats checking the amount of storage in your browser cache. I don't think it did it but something had to change the software settings in th router.I sent this to the forum tech, maybe it will help them to get on-line. A friend on another site has been trying for two weeks to get to the forum when his computer died and he bought a new one with vista and his router wouldn't handle the vista and they are saying this is a incompatibility issue with older routers and vista.

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